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Lasting Marriage Recipe: Double Dating
Published By lovely phu phu on 2012-01-30 64 Views

The couple celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow-Chris Martin and Beyonce-Jay-Z often out together.

General romantic dinner as one of the adhesive partner intimacy. But there are things that can make you both more lasting marriage, ie divide happiness with other partners through a double date.

Scientists from the University of Maryland found that couples who spend time with such a double date celebrity couple Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin, Jay-Z and Beyonce tends to last longer and happier. Double date not only increase the attraction between pairs of each other, but also improve the understanding of the opposite sex.

Psychologist from the University of Maryland, Professor Geoffrey Grief say ‘mirror pairs’ is very important to socialize and enable us to learn from how other couples how they interact and negotiate differences.

Social interaction between pairs also allows individuals to see the best parts of their partners, as well as interacting with a warm and positive way with others. However, these studies refer to the friendship between the pair became scarce because of the pressure for longer working hours for men and women.

Lead author Professor Geoffrey Grelf say double date ’should be encouraged’. “Those who double date appears to have a happier relationship. When they put friends in their lives, many are getting lessons from a friend in interacting with a partner,” he said as quoted by the Daily Mail.

“Double Dating allows couples to have fun, interact in a loving and supportive of other couples as well as with his own spouse.”

Prof. Grelf added, the pair are close to other couples wedding is a reflection of a longer and happier. Even so, Prof. Grelf also recognize there are some dangers when involving other partners in life. “In some rare cases, this can make the relationship ends when there is infidelity in it.”

The research was published as part of the book “Two Plus Two: Couples Couple and Their Friendships,” written Grief and Kathleen Holtz Deal.

Read more: http://healthmad.com/mental-health/lasting-marriage-recipe-double-dating/#ixzz1ky2Z4AmA

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